Total Immersion + Directed Flow in 19″ Rack

LiquidCool Solutions is the ONLY company that incorporates both Direct to Chip Cooling followed by Total Immersion Cooling, that can fit into a standard 19” vertical rack. This means you are using only 9.5 sq. Ft. of floor space verses an immersion tank that can take upwards of 22 sq. Ft. for the same compute density. This is roughly a 57% reduction in floor space and a 32% reduction in costly dielectric fluid.

The ZPServer ™ can be co-located in existing 19” racks or packaged from top-to-bottom to provide the highest density TDP in its own rack. Using our patented Directed-Flow ™ technology, we send the coolest fluid to the hottest electronic components first. Our heatsinks are tested and engineered to precisely provide the needed flow to get cooler chips that always run at optimal temperature. The thermal transfer fluid exits the heatsinks and immerses the other computer electronics to gather the remaining heat before leaving the chassis to be cooled and returned. This is the most energy efficient and effective method for removing heat from data centers. In the very near future, with the accelerated growth of AI and the need for higher density compute and powerful energy consuming CPU’s, liquid cooling will be required.

The below photo image shows 4X Supermicro twin circuit boards packaged with redundant power supplies and 8X SSDs in a 2U LCS chassis. We have packaged printed circuit boards ranging from Mini ITX to Quad CPU boards inside of our ZPS chassis. And there are several energy efficient methods in which they can be cooled at multiple scales. Get hold of us for more information. And please give us a follow at LiquidCool Solutions. – STEVE M. SHAFER Packaging Engineer – LCS


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