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Innovation Incubator (IN2) Testing Shows LiquidCool Excels at Recovering Server Waste Heat

 In 2015 LiquidCool Solutions was one of four clean-tech start-up companies selected for the Innovation Incubator (IN2), a five-year, $10 million program to foster innovative environmental technologies funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation and co-administered by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  Read Original Announcement

Wells Fargo selected LiquidCool based on the potential its cooling technology offers for saving energy by recovering the waste heat from servers in data centers, and then reusing it for heating buildings.  Over the course of the next three years, a LiquidCool server system underwent months of rigorous testing at NREL’s Thermal Test Facility followed by over two years of operation in the High-Performance Data Center in NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF). 

Recover 95% of the server waste heat at temperatures up to 140°F

The results were remarkable.  The LiquidCool system was able to recover 95% of the server waste heat and achieve a re-use water temperature of 140°F, hot enough for use in building heating systems.  Click on the video link below to learn more about the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator and the LiquidCool results. Click the link to see the NREL fact sheet and read the independent report.

Read the NREL Report
Watch LiquidCool IN2 Video
  • Collect 95% of waste heat

  • Capture waste heat at higher temperatures

  • Easily move waste heat 

  • Nearly silent operation

  • Fanless operation

  • Reduces floor-space required by up to 75%

  • Reduces total energy usage up to 40%

  • Uses no water
  • Eliminates mechanical refrigeration

  • Eliminates evaporation and water treatment

  • Improves reliability and server lifetime