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High performance liquid cooled servers that do not require server room air conditioning

Designed for conventional and modular data center use, the LiquidCool LSS  integrates easily into existing compute environments and offers maximum scalability. 

One liquid cooled rack can replace four air cooled racks within a data center, saving energy and space and eliminating capital and maintenance costs. No more complex air handling systems, ductwork, filters or CRAC units. Simple yet effective solutions.

  • Fanless operation

  • Reduces floorspace up to 75%.

  • Reduces power to cool 98%

  • Reduces total energy usage up to 40%

  • Uses no water

  • Eliminates air handling units

  • No air filters

  • Eliminates mechanical refrigeration

  • Eliminates evaporation and water treatment

  • No need for humidity control

  • Improves reliability and server lifetime

  • Nearly silent operation

LiquidCool incorporates only the most reliable, name brand, off-the-shelf compute hardware and software. A system can be configured for most applications.