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LiquidCool | Harsh Environment / Industrial Systems 

Perfectly Sealed Servers & PCs

also see – Mobile Edge for additional rugged harsh environment systems

Rugged & Versatile

The LSC-RT & LSS-R provide options for cooling a wide variety of high performance electronics within a sealed and rugged enclosure; ideal for industrial applications where other systems fail 

because the environmental conditions are too harsh for electronics.

LiquidCool creates an ideal & independent operating environment for the electronics on the inside of the system at all times no matter how harsh the environment is on the outside of the system.

And unlike other rugged, fan-less, and sealed systems that are lower in performance because they lack the air needed to cool higher performance components, the RT is cooled and protected by Total Immersion with DirectedFlow. The LiquidCool fluid can hold 1400 times more heat than air can so a system can be configured to meet most high performance applications.

  • Rugged sealed enclosure (IP67 rated)

  • Electronics protected from air particulate and moisture contamination

  • Fanless – up to 100W

  • Electronics protected from air particulate and moisture contamination

  • Fanless – up to 100W

  • Motherboard, CPU, and I/O are configurable

Technical Specifications

  • Motherboard
    Current INTEL® compatible Mini-ITX

  • Processor Support
    Current Intel® CORE™ PROCESSORS

  • Memory
    motherboard dependent

  • Storage

  • I/O
    • motherboard depependent
    • IP67 Connectors
    • HDMI
    • I/O is configurable

  • Operating Environment
    Up to 110°F

  • Highly Efficient and Reliable Cooling

    • Patented total liquid immersion technology
    uses 90% less energy to cool than comparable fan-cooled systems
    • Core Coolant dielectric liquid is clear, odorless, biodegradable and safe. Never needs replacement
    • A variety of remote heat exchangers are available
    • Dripless fluid quick-connect fittings

  • Form Factor(s)

    LSC RT 2.3″ (H) x 8.1″ (W) x 15.3”