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High Performance Computing Anywhere!

What makes the LiquidCool Technology perfect for EDGE computing is that systems can be installed almost anywhere, operate silently, and can provide any performance level required. 

The server waste heat can be handled conventionally, transported to an inexpensive remote outside heat exchange or the waste heat can be re-purposed for facilities heating applications.

Liquid Cooled Edge Servers
  • Fanless operation

  • Reduces floorspace required by up to 75%.

  • Reduces total energy usage up to 40%

  • Uses no water
  • Eliminates air handling units

  • No air filters

  • Eliminates mechanical refrigeration

  • Eliminates evaporation and water treatment

  • No need for humidity control

  • Improves reliability and server lifetime

  • Nearly silent operation


The customer who’s configuration is shown below saved thousands of dollars by installing a LiquidCool system instead of increasing HVAC capacity. The server waste heat is collected in our fluid and transported to an adjacent room where the waste energy is used to heat the room via a passive baseboard radiator.
  • Servers

    Configured to support hyper-converged infrastructure. LiquidCooled by immersion with DirectedFlow 

  • Processors

    Single Intel Xeon D 12 Core Processor per.

  • Storage

    1X HDD 10TB 3.5″ (Helium) SATA3

    3X 960GB, 2.5in SATA MLC SSD

  • Memory

    4X DDR4 32GB ECC Registered 2400 (128GB Total)

  • Network

    2X 10Gb Ethernet (RJ45)