Edge Server Systems 2021-07-12T13:52:25+00:00

What makes LiquidCool perfect for 5G and Edge applications is that systems can be installed almost anywhere, 

operate nearly silent, and can provide any performance level required.

Immersion cooled systems last longer, use up to 98% less energy for cooling, and do not require fans, air conditioning, or water. Filter-Free & Maintenance-Free.


  • Fanless operation

  • Reduces space required by up to 75%.

  • Reduces total energy usage up to 40%

  • Uses no water
  • Eliminates air handling units

  • No air filters

  • Eliminates mechanical refrigeration

  • Eliminates evaporation and water treatment

  • No need for humidity control

  • Improves reliability and server lifetime

  • Nearly silent operation

Maintenance-Free Systems can be installed in places where they can’t be tampered with.