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Fighting CRAC addiction together

LCS technology makes the CRAC unit a thing of the past.

Cutting out the CRAC unit

Given the ever-increasing demand for processing power, data center cooling costs are constantly on the rise. Cooling typically accounts for 40% of a data center’s total energy bill. LCS can reduce the power needed to cool a data center by 98%. That’s not a typo. Our disruptive technology represents a paradigm shift in IT cooling.

LCS technology supports extraordinarily high computing density, which has massive implications for data center design. For example, an LCS data center takes up 75% less space than an equivalent air-cooled data center and eliminates the need for raised floors, ceiling plenums and hot aisles.

How? By completely eliminating the need for fans and mechanical refrigeration. See the FAQ for a detailed explanation of the principles behind LCS technology.

LiquidCool Solutions can help you revolutionize your IT infrastructure. Our disruptive technology offers a number of key benefits over air cooling and less efficient liquid cooling technologies:

Energy efficiency

LCS designs the most efficient servers on the market. A typical installation has a cooling PUE of 1.02. Waste heat can be used to heat adjoining offices. Power-to-cool is reduced by 98%.

Component density

LCS-cooled IT hardware can reduce data center footprint up to 75%.


Eliminates the need for additional equipment:

  • Blade fans

  • Rack Fans

  • Mixing Dampers

  • HVAC Equipment

  • Air Filters

  • Water Treatment Systems

Does not require specialized facilities such as:

  • Cooling Towers

  • Humidity Control

  • High Ceilings

  • Raised Floors

  • Hot Aisles