History of Innovation

LiquidCool Solutions is a technology innovation company headquartered in Rochester Minnesota. Founded in 2006 the company began developing immersion-cooled high performance gaming systems and engineering workstations. In 2012 the company redirected its focus to servers.

LiquidCool systems provide advantages over conventional electronic cooling systems in several ways. First, because LiquidCool systems do not require fans to move air, the electrical power needed for cooling is dramatically less than the electrical power required for air-cooled systems. Second, because cooling with liquid is much more effective than cooling with air, LiquidCool systems can operate in environments with ambient temperatures of up to 45°C without the need for mechanical cooling or water consumption. Waste heat from servers can be recovered at temperatures high enough for effective reuse. And finally, because LiquidCool devices are packaged in sealed enclosures, electronics are protected from environmental hazards that can cause conventional systems to fail. LiquidCool is currently developing liquid immersion cooling systems for Edge computing and for applications deploying computing systems in harsh environments. LiquidCool currently holds 64 patents with additional patents pending.