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Innovative Immersion IT Cooling Solutions for Edge, Harsh Environments, and Data Centers 

LCS offers a full suite of innovative immersion IT cooling products and solutions that cross the spectrum of the IT industry from small mobile devices, like the rugged RT for rapid field deployment at the Edge or in harsh environments, to rack-based offerings for hyperscale datacenters … and everything in between.

The solutions LCS provides are both Form Factor and OEM brand agnostic, incorporating a variety of domestic and international patents (49 current, more pending), many of which are seminal. In every embodiment the economic and

thermodynamic benefits remain the same: 1) significantly reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint; 2) significantly increased compute density and correlated space savings; 3) the complete elimination of water consumption when the ambient dry bulb temperature is cooler than 45oC; 4) virtually silent operation; and 5) elimination of most root causes of equipment failure, resulting in extended life and reduced e-Waste.

  • Ending the CRAC epidemic

  • Freedom from fans

  • The LCS edge

  • Our green guarantee

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The benefits of immersion cooling  

LCS liquid cooled servers stand out from the rest. A liquid cooled server can bring a number of distinct benefits to your business.

  • Reduced capital and operational costs. Saves space and eliminates mechanical refrigeration, evaporative cooling, rack fans, air handles, high ceilings, and raised floors. Reduces power to cool by 98% over air cooling. More than 90% of waste heat can be reclaimed for other uses. There are no chillers, DX units or fans to maintain.

  • High component densities. Reduce physical footprint by up to 75% from air-cooled alternatives. LCS can accommodate >100 KW per rack.

  • Best-in-class resilience and reliability. Sealed system isolates electronics from the environment. Eliminates fans and isolates electronics from environmental impurities, dampens thermal cycling, and lowers operating temperatures.

  • Virtually silent operation. Fan noise and vibration are eliminated.

LiquidCool’s patented technology employs liquid submersion cooling, in which all electronic components are immersed in coolant within a liquid-tight chassis. The coolant, a dielectric liquid, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, inexpensive and never needs to be replaced. Unlike water, LCS coolant does not conduct electricity, meaning it is safe to use with virtually any electronic component.

How our liquid cooling system works

Innovative Immersion IT Cooling how to liquid cool


“LiquidCool’s server technology provided the performance increases we needed while decreasing our energy consumption and data center footprint.”

Jeffrey McDonald, PhD, Assistant Director for HPC Operations - Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

“LiquidCool Solutions’ product addresses many of the major challenges that face today’s data center cooling industry. This solution is unique in that it maximizes client value even in hostile environments. All users of LiquidCool Solutions’ technology will enjoy cost savings, environmental conscientiousness, ease-of-service, and demonstrated reliability.

LiquidCool Solutions has displayed remarkable ingenuity in the design of their data center cooling solution. By working with, instead of fighting against, universal thermodynamic properties, LiquidCool Solutions can provide savings to its clients immediately, in capital expenditure and persistently, in operational expenditure. While many firms claim to be innovative, LiquidCool Solutions’ ground-up, holistic approach to design and engineering has earned them the right to call themselves innovative, as well as the prestigious Frost and Sullivan, Best Practices Award in data center cooling for Client Value Enhancement.”

Pramod E. F. Dibble, Analyst - Frost and Sullivan

“The successful completion of the first phase of testing for LiquidCool Solutions exemplifies … everything we are seeking to accomplish. In the case of LiquidCool, this is a unique and unusual technology that has utilized NREL personnel and equipment for testing and advancement of the technology, to a point where certain milestones can be validated. Inclusion in [NREL and Wells Fargo’s innovation program] has helped de-risk the technology and advanced it along its commercialization path.”

Richard Adams, Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center - National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

“In addition to lower TCO, the biggest benefits of LiquidCool’s approach are increased reliability and longer life of IT equipment.”

Yevgeniy Sverdlik, Editor in Chief - Data Center Knowledge