Up to 2kW Per Rack Unit / LCS ZPServer

Total Immersion w/Directed Flow (TIDF)

LiquidCool’s patented technology employs total liquid immersion with directed flow, electronic components are immersed in coolant within a liquid-tight chassis. Cool fluid is directed to the components that produce the most heat first. The coolant is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, inexpensive and never needs to be replaced.

Benefits (TIDF)

$$ Reduces capital and operating expenses. Saves space and eliminates mechanical refrigeration, evaporative cooling, rack fans, air handles, high ceilings, and raised floors. Reduces power to cool by 98% over air cooling. More than 90% of waste heat can be reclaimed for other uses. There are no chillers, DX units or fans to maintain. Water is not required.

+ + High component densities. Reduce physical footprint by up to 75% from air-cooled alternatives. LCS can accommodate >100 KW per rack.

# Resilience and reliability. Sealed system isolates electronics from the environment. Eliminates fans and isolates electronics from environmental impurities, dampens thermal cycling, and lowers operating temperatures. Reduces the common causes of failure.

~ Virtually silent operation. Fan noise and vibration are eliminated.

LiquidCool Technology Video

Data Center / Server Room / Rack

OEM Brand & Form Factor Agnostic

A LiquidCool system can be configured for your application