Liquid cooling via patented total submersion and directed flow technology

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Many of the current efforts around solving the heat and energy dilemma, while steps in the right direction, fall short of a cost effective and scalable long term solution based on the arc of technological advancement.

The traditional approach to cooling via air cooled systems is fundamentally inefficient, utilizes far too much energy and does not address heat production at the device level. Alternative approaches including spot cooling, cold plates, nitrogen etc. offer some relief but typically cool only certain components, are not easily scalable, often require structural redesign and come with less than attractive ROI.

LiquidCools' patented total liquid submersion technology introduces an eco-friendly di-electric liquid into virtually any device and all of the components via a directed and intelligent flow. With the elimination of fans and the internal components fully submerged, LiquidCool Solutions' Technology offers...

  • Reduce overall power consumption and footprint by 40-60%
  • No need for water in the device
  • Put 100% of the dissipated heat into a reusable form
  • Run your electronics in ambient temperatures of 50°C or higher while maintaining core junction temperatures 30°C cooler than fan/air based cooling
  • Eliminate the need for chillers while reducing HVAC by 70% or more
  • Work with LCS to design and deploy LCS technology in virtually any electronic OEM device

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"The University of Minnesota's Supercomputing Institute seeks computational hardware to give its researchers an edge in their ability to handle advanced computation and scientific visualization, as well as advanced imaging, microarray analysis, next-generation sequencing data analysis, data mining, application and workflow development, and the design of cutting edge medical devices," said Jeffrey McDonald, PhD, Assistant Director for HPC Operations, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute at University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

"The challenge is finding server solutions that provide the performance increases we need while decreasing our energy consumption and data center footprint, which is on a path we cannot sustain. We've deployed LiquidCool's Liquid Submerged Servers (LSS) and its benchmark and energy usage returns are very positive. We intend to consider LiquidCool Solutions for our future purchases as well."