LiquidCool Calls Bill Gates’ Climate Pledge into Question

LiquidCool Solutions CEO Herb Zien Questions Bill Gates’ Climate Pledge. Says cooling data centers with air is ridiculous and not energy efficient.

Bill Gates talked a big game at the Paris climate change summit. He told Reuters regarding global warming, “it will take a decade to develop two or three energy saving breakthrough technologies, then another 20 year before the technologies can become a core of the energy system.”

This is completely untrue. Consider data centers, a subject Bill Gates knows well.

There are technologies available today that can make a huge dent in the carbon footprint of energy sucking data centers. There is no reason to wait 20 years to implement technology that address global warming when Microsoft can contribute to the solution today.

According to a 2014 data center energy efficiency report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), most businesses are unwilling to invest in efficiency. Microsoft, Google and Dell all made technical contributions to the NRDC report, yet their own data centers are huge energy wasters, and the problem is getting worse.

It takes 34 power plants, each capable of generating 500 megawatts of electricity, to power all the U.S. data centers in operation today. By 2020, another 17 similarly sized power plans will be needed to meet projected data center energy demands as economic activity becomes increasingly digital.

Companies like Microsoft cling to unsustainable cooling technologies that were developed decades ago. As an example, cooling data centers with air is ridiculous!

Air is an insulator. Pushing cold air up from the floor requires massive fan power to overcome the laws of physics. Air cooling with fans also requires humidity control and exposes electronics to failure from oxidation. Fans suck energy, waste space and are a huge failure point.

LiquidCool Solutions offers a cost-effective electronics cooling technology by total immersion in a dielectric fluid that completely eliminates fans and mechanical refrigeration, and decouples electronics from room air. LiquidCool’s technology cuts the carbon footprint of a data center in half, uses no water, is commercially available right now, and costs less than air cooling.

Microsoft launched three cloud data centers in India last September and announced a multi-site expansion initiative in Europe last month. Last week, Microsoft announced the acquisition of 158 acres near San Antonio to build an eight-data center campus, a development that ultimately will total 1.2 million square feet. Based on recent history, all these facilities will add to global warming unless Gates steps in.

He is making a noble contribution by providing funds so everyone else can reduce global warming through energy conservation, but charity begins at home. If Gates were so inclined, he could influence how Microsoft data centers use energy and water today.

About LiquidCool Solutions

LiquidCool Solutions is a technology development firm with patents surrounding cooling electronics by total immersion in a dielectric fluid. LCS technology can be used to cool electronics of any shape and size. LCS licenses its IP to OEMs looking for a cooling solution that saves energy, saves space, enhances reliability, operates silently, conserves water and can be surprisingly easy to maintain in the field. LCS cooling technology has the capacity of dissipating 100 kilowatts per rack at costs far less than alternative technologies.