Liquid cooling via patented total submersion and directed flow technology


Challenging Environments

Where LCS?


Military, oil and gas, education, medical, temporary installs, mobile…Any device

in any environment.

Why LCS?

LiquidCool Solutions patented technology can take your electronics where no other technology in the world can go. The combination of benefits offered by LCS’s     directed flow total submersion process represents a solution that simply cannot be duplicated.

  • Completely enclose the device
  • Reduce power consumption by 40% or more while reducing power to cool by an  order of magnitude
  • Ability to ruggedize
  • Sand, salt, gases, corrosion and humidity¬†are no problem for LCS
  • Run virtually silent
  • Put all of the dissipated heat from the electronics in a reusable form
  • Product reliability and life cycles that defy the norm

Years of Research & Development, testing, beta site deployments, 15 granted patents and 23 patents pending later, LCS is positioned to solve your harsh environment challenges. Air, cold plates, bulk submersion, 2 phase solutions and the others cannot compete.



LCS  Reliability...Anywhere