Our story: making liquid cooling a reality

A legacy of innovation in liquid cooling

The liquid cooling solutions that we provide today have certainly evolved from our initial product offering just over a decade ago. Hardcore Computer Inc. was formed in 2006 to design and manufacture high performance computers for the gaming market. Its first product, the Reactor, was highly rated by popular review sites such as G4TV. A second product, the Detonator, was introduced a year later to compete in the workstation market.

In 2013, the company was rebranded as LiquidCool Solutions and pivoted its business model from end-to-end design and manufacture to a partner model in which LCS technology is licensed to downstream partners. LCS transformed its product line to cater to data centers, ruggedized systems, and other commercial applications.

Edge and beyond

LCS cooling can be applied to any type of electronic equipment. We are constantly finding exciting new uses for our liquid cooling technology. LCS made its first foray into edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) with the launch of the SCS and SGS in 2015.

Liquid cooling

Our Team

 Herb Zien
Herb ZienCEO
Having cofounded and built the largest privately held district energy company in the US, nobody knows the challenges of power and cooling better than Herb Zien. Herb brings a wealth of knowledge in engineering, power generation, and energy conservation. Herb is a recognized expert in data center cooling technologies and immersion cooling, and is a frequent author and speaker on cooling technologies. Published articles include Energy Star Data Center: A Missed Opportunity (Mission Critical – Nov-Dec 2010); PUE’s Shortcomings, (Mission Critical – Mar-Apr 2011); Liquid Cooled Data Centers Have Finally Arrived (BICSI News Magazine – Sep-Oct 2011); Submersion and directed flow cooling solution for oil, gas (E&P – Jul 2014); Submersion and Directed Flow Cooling Technology for Military Applications (Aerospace & Defense Technology, Oct 2014); Look Ma, No Fans! (Data Center Knowledge – Feb 2015); Why Data Centers Look the Way They Do (Data Center Knowledge – Apr 2015); What is your Problem with Liquid Cooling? (ITInfraworld, January 2016); and Is a Liquid Cooled Data Center in Your Future? (The Data Center Journal, June 2016); Liquid Technology Cools Servers While Simultaneously Heating Water (Data Center Post, September 1, 2016).

Herb has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Thermal Engineering from Cornell University and a Master of Science in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Rick Tufty
Rick TuftyVice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer
Rick’s career as a technologist, manager, and engineering executive spans many of the premier technology-defining institutions of our modern era. His credentials include roles as Executive Director of Engineering for Dell’s Enterprise Division where he was responsible for product development efforts for servers, blades, and storage systems, as Senior Director of Engineering and Corporate Research Fellow at Maxtor Corporation with responsibilities for product development of high performance SCSI rotating storage devices and as gatekeeper for emerging technologies, as well as multiple executive and technical leadership roles at Western Digital, Hewlett Packard, and IBM. He currently holds 14 patents and has authored numerous papers on advanced data storage and computer technology.
Daren Klum
Daren KlumCo-Founder & Technology Fellow
Daren is an institution in the technology arena as an inventor and futurist who thrives on solving global challenges and developing new technologies. He has a growing list of 30+ patents in various stages that solve massive problems in data security, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. Daren is the co-founder of LiquidCool Solutions (formerly Hardcore Computer), a company he grew into one of the most talked about computer companies in the country due to their innovative liquid submerged cooling technologies. Daren currently leads the digital security firm Secured2 that offers a solution to the growing problem of data hacking. Daren received a B.S. Degree in Communications from the University of Minnesota, pursued a B.S. Degree in Finance from Minnesota State University and received an A.A. Degree from Brown College in Broadcast Communications. Daren is active in the Minnesota start-up scene sitting on two boards iLos Videos and Playtabase (Reemo).
David Roe
David RoePMP, Program Manager
David provides project management oversight and coordination on all LiquidCool Solution Research and Development projects. He joined LCS in 2010 after completing a 30-year career at IBM Corporation where he held both technical and management positions in server development and disk drive manufacturing and most recently held the position of Executive Project Manager with responsibility for multi-million dollar projects in IBM’s Systems and Technology Group. David holds a Master of Arts Degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin.
Charles Zien
Charles ZienDirector, Marketing
Having joined LCS in 2016, Charles has a rich background in marketing insights and management. He has five years’ experience in the technology industry, having worked as a technology consultant for two years before assuming the role of business development team lead for the 4000-strong team of consultants at Deloitte UK. Charles has a B.S. in biology from MIT and a M.Sc. in management from London Business School, specializing in marketing and administration.
Steven M. Shafer
Steven M. ShaferSenior Packaging Engineer
Prior to coming to LCS, Steve spent 20+ years creating mechanical and electrical packaging for High Performance Computer systems. He was instrumental in the design and release of Cray Research’s T3D, T3E, Y-MP and C90 Supercomputers. Steve also worked for Silicon Graphics in Mountain View, CA. assisting in the release of the Origin-200 and Origin-2000 systems. After leaving SGI, he worked for several years as Lead System Integrator at United Defense and BAE Systems, where he assisted in managing the packaging of the ARMY’s Future Combat System, the XM1203 Non-Line of Sight Cannon. Steve has also worked at Lockheed Martin and Hutchinson Technology.
Rod Raver
Rod RaverSenior Lab Specialist
Rod is currently Senior Lab Specialist at Liquid Cool Solutions (since 2007), where he works on product design and development, testing, and quality assurance for Next Generation IT Cooling. As a seasoned Lab Specialist, Rod is skilled in areas including process definition, soldering, failure analysis, product assembly and product development. Rod has also held Senior Lab/Production Specialist positions at JDSU, Western Digital, and IBM, spanning decades of hands-on experience. As a demonstrated leader in the field, Rod’s hope is to continue to produce high-quality products, and drive innovation forward.
Daryl Lautenschlager
Daryl LautenschlagerEngineering Analyst
Daryl spent 25+ years at IBM. At IBM he worked on hardware quality for the System 36 and System 38, software development for the 14 inch, 5¼ inch and 3½ hard disc drives as an Engineer, Lead Engineer and Manager. He also spent several years working at Hitachi in the SIT (System Integration Test) Lab as a Lead Engineer and was the customer interface for IBM in the integration and test of 3½ and 2½ hard disc drives.
Joni Gamm
Joni GammHuman Resources Administrator, Office Manager and Accounting Specialist
Joni spent 20+ years at IBM as a Staff and Systems Procedures Analyst and Site Support Manager. After leaving IBM, she worked for several years at Benchmark Electronics in Finance as the Account Receivable Supervisor. Joni also worked at the Rochester Community and Technical College Foundation supporting the donor and scholarship programs. Joni has a degree in Organizational Management and Communications.
Tim Ronning
Tim RonningSenior Lab Technician
Tim is a veteran engineering technician with over 30 years of experience providing support to some of the most successful companies in the technology business. Starting at IBM, Tim provided manufacturing and field support for storage array subsystems. Tim went on to work for Western Digital, JDSU, and IBM(again) where he performed failure analysis which ultimately increased manufacturing yields as well as improved customer satisfaction. For the past 9 years Tim has been a member of the LiquidCool team, first as Lead Manufacturing Technician for Hardcore Computer where he successfully helped launch the “Reactor, ReactorX, and Detonator”, the world’s first fully liquid submerged high performance computer systems. Currently, Tim is Senior Lab Technician at LCS where his technical expertise is utilized daily aiding in the development of current company product offerings.
Harsh Patel
Harsh PatelThermal Engineer
Harsh joined LiquidCool Solutions in 2014 after receiving his Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas – Arlington where he completed his research thesis on immersion cooling of data center servers. Harsh is currently responsible for development and testing of LiquidCool Solutions cooling distribution units and temperature control systems.
Mark Lang
Mark LangController
Mark has been the acting Controller for the last four years. Prior to consulting for LiquidCool Solutions, Mark had 40 years of diverse financial, general management and board of director experience, working principally as CFO/Controller in high-tech companies including Texas Instruments, Cray Research, Johnson Matthey Electronics, and SRC Computers. He has also been the acting CFO for the venture capital firm, Canopy, Inc. and the General Manager for The Peachtree Companies.

Our Partners

LiquidCool Solutions collaborates with a range of technology partners including some of the world’s leading component and equipment manufacturers, OEMs & ODMs and system integration companies. We are specialists in liquid cooling and our diverse partner network includes organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to eminent industry brands, and everything in between:

Would you like to become a partner?

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