No CRAC required.

Liquid cooled server systems for edge/fog computing and data centers

We are LiquidCool Solutions, leaders in edge computing and designers of the world’s most efficient CRAC-free liquid cooling technology for electronic equipment.

Our disruptive technology has many benefits over traditional air cooling systems:

  • Ending the CRAC epidemic

  • Freedom from fans

  • The LCS edge

  • Our green guarantee

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LSS CRAC-free server

No CRAC unit required: the benefits of liquid cooled servers

LCS liquid cooled servers stand out from the rest. A liquid cooled server can bring a number of distinct benefits to your business.

  • Reduced capital and operational costs. Saves space and eliminates mechanical refrigeration, evaporative cooling, rack fans, air handles, high ceilings, and raised floors. Reduces power to cool by 98% over air cooling. More than 90% of waste heat can be reclaimed for other uses. There are no chillers, DX units or fans to maintain.

  • High component densities. Reduce physical footprint by up to 75% from air-cooled alternatives. LCS can accommodate >100 KW per rack.

  • Best-in-class resilience and reliability. Sealed system isolates electronics from the environment. Eliminates fans and isolates electronics from environmental impurities, dampens thermal cycling, and lowers operating temperatures.

  • Virtually silent operation. Fan noise and vibration are eliminated.

LiquidCool’s patented technology employs liquid submersion cooling, in which all electronic components are immersed in coolant within a liquid-tight chassis. The coolant, a dielectric liquid, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, inexpensive and never needs to be replaced. Unlike water, LCS coolant does not conduct electricity, meaning it is safe to use with virtually any electronic component.

LCS offers liquid cool server solutions across a wide range of use cases. Have a look at our case studies to see how liquid cooling can revolutionize your IT estate.

How our liquid cooling system works

LCS cooling technology offers a variety of benefits over air:

High component densities reduce physical footprint up to 75% from air cooled alternatives

No air means no fans. LCS technology eliminates fans, air conditioning systems and other specialized facilities

Massive increases in efficiency significantly reduce the power required to cool a data center up to 98% and total energy costs by up to 40%, achieving a cooling PUE as low as 1.02

Components are isolated from the outside environment, preventing exposure to humidity and contaminants and can significantly increase lifespan

LCS offers solutions across a wide range of industries. We have helped a number of data centers increase server performance with our liquid cooled server systems.

Our CRAC-free systems

CRAC-free server | SCS


Our 2U, 4-node Submerged Cloud Server (SCS) is the ultimate CRAC-free solution for cost reduction.


CRAC-free server | SGS


The Submerged Graphics Server (SGS) is LCS’s 2U, dual node device designed for GPU intensive operations.


CRAC-free server | LSS


The Liquid Submerged Server, our 1U, single-node system, offers industry-leading resilience and mobility.




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